Japanese naming exchange

Cultural exchange starting from NAMAE

Chiyoko, the representative of 1LDO, is engaged in international exchange activities for “Japanese.CX”.

For foreign people who are interested in Japan about once a week, we will talk about Japanese language and culture by text messages with the theme of name such as place name, person name, product name.

About Japanese.CX

We will also hold a Japanese naming event through the workshop of “Coworking At Home”.
❶ To Japanese Washi (Oguni Washi in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture)
❷ If your name is Hiragana
❸ KABOO painting
❹ Hand-painted with German oil-based colored pencils.
We will take a picture of the Washi paper we draw and introduce it to our SNS at a later date.
It is 2,525 yen (tax included) once. Both foreigners and Japanese people can take it.

You can become a member for free, so please join us.